Blackberry Mojito


The famous "Mojito" from Cera 23 needs no explanations. (Blackberry and pomegranate cordial, burnt aged rum, blackberry liqueur, lime, mint, Angostura)

Wild Amaretto


"Amaretto sour" with a jungle soul of peach and yuzu. (Burbon and wild peach tea infusion, Disaronno, Yuzu, Syrup, Fava Water)

Caffeine Soul


The "Aperol Spritz" that awakens the soul. The classic Italian Spritz meets the Espresso martini. (Aperol, Cold Brew coffee, Vodka, Orange Juice, Syrup))



The "Bellini" needs to wear the season and finds the best companion, khakis. (Persimmon jam, Cava brut nature, pink pepper)

Back to Galicia


The "Gin Sour" with the best Gin of Galicia. (Nordes, aloe vera, basil, lime, simple syrup, aquafaba)

Young Albino


"White Negroni" aged for one month in artisanal American oak barrels. (Mezcal Union, Italicus bergamot liqueur, noilly prat white vermouth)

Mezcaleros Secret


“Margarita” from Oaxaca. A direct flight through the beaches of Mazunte. Served without ice. (Mezcal with black lemon, padrón pepper, grapefruit juice, lime, chipotle syrup and Coca-Cola salt and citrus) *Slightly spicy, smoky notes of Union and pineapple. The most classic appetizer.

Grandpa's Advice


“Old fashioned” of the Caribbean, Panama in the soul. Served with ice. (Abuelo Rum 7 and 12 years old, bitter cocoa, Tonka fava water, brown sugar cane, orange foam and licorice) *Persistent flavor, the sweetness of the Rum prevails with acidic notes from the foam. As a normal "old fashioned", it does not like to be taken on an empty stomach.

Beetroot Stormy


The classic "Dark 'n' Stormy" meets beet and cucumber and it's love at first sight. (Dark Rum, beet, cucumber, lemon, Angostura, sugar, giger beer)